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Welcome to the St. Patrick’s Church Greg Gannon Canned Food Drive!

Sunday, November 21, 2021

For the 2021 GGCFD, mindful of continuing concerns regarding COVID, we are again asking members of the surrounding community to focus on collecting food with a team in their own neighborhoods. We can help you get the word out with printed flyers and wording to send out through your neighborhood listservs. Or perhaps you would like to host your own mini food drive with a box on your front step or at your workplace. We are looking forward to collecting more CANS OF HOPE to share with our neighbors in need. We are not using our typical territory maps and there is no need to sign up on the website. Service hours are available. Previous participants will receive an email in early October with suggestions of how we can use your help this year. has all the answers for you, so please email and let us know that you’d like to help.

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Remember ALL volunteers need to register.
Territory assignments are not lost, we just need to start with fresh contact information.
Complete the form below and add any family members.
Please ask other adults/families on your team to do the same thing.

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How It works

Territory Boundaries

Territories have been created by dividing neighborhoods around a parish into about 175 houses. As a Territory Team Member, you will be responsible for the food collection in that area. Please be sure to refer to your territory map to be sure of the streets and "sides" of the streets in your territory. Please stay on the inside of your boundary and only visit houses on your side of the outside street.

Territory Supplies

You will be given all of the supplies you need to collect food in your territory: bags, flyers, thank you door hangers and a map. Instructions to successfully collect in your territory will be provided and can be found below in Helpful Hints and Resources.

Territory Bag Distribution

Between Sunday and Thursday before the collection date, please distribute your bags and flyers. This gives your neighbors enough time to shop or select items from their cupboards for your Saturday collection day.

Territory Bag Collection

On drive day, go back to the same houses and collect filled bags left outside. Please do not collect before the time on your flyer. Hopefully, the bags are prominently set out, but please drive slowly to be sure you don't miss any and don't hesitate to knock on doors to remind neighbors to support those in need. After you have gone through your territory once, please go through again to pick up bags which may have been left out late.

Collection Site and Sweeping

Many volunteers are needed on Drive Day to help at the collection site. We need help directing the food as it arrives in territory leaders' vehicles and as it goes out in recipient organization vehicles. Then of course we need many hands to move the donations quickly and efficiently. No matter how careful territory volunteers are when collecting their items, some bags are missed. Our donors often call to have their bag picked up and we need help organizing these calls and picking up the bags. EVERY CAN COUNTS!


Saturday October 19

Volunteer Sign Up

Website Sign up is available for volunteers

Saturday November 9 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Territory Supply Pick Up

Territory Leaders please pick up your supplies in the parish center in Room 108. Park near the Muncaster Mill Rd. entrance for easy in and out.

Sunday November 10

Distribute Bags

Distribute the bags with stapled flyer any time before Thursday, November 14th to all houses in your territory. We want neighbors to have time to purchase food to participate. Please follow your territory map and do not cross your outside boundary street.  

Sunday November 21 9:00 AM

Drive Day!

Bag collection should begin after the time noted on your flyer. Feel free to knock on doors to remind neighbors to contribute. Drive through your territory at least two times to be sure you haven't missed any bags! EVERY CAN COUNTS!

Saturday November 16 8:30 AM

Prayer Service

Please join us to kick off this special day with a Prayer Service in the main church followed by coffee and donuts in the Parish Center.

Saturday November 16 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Collect the Bags

Make your way through your territory to collect the bags of donations. Use the Can Count Sheet to count as you collect. Please have all cans counted before you pull into line to drop off cans! Bring your loaded bags back to the parish center where volunteers will transfer the cans to the gym to be sorted. Please follow the directions for the flow of traffic around the parish center. Collections need to be returned by 1:30 PM. Remember to make one last run through your territory to make sure you picked up all of the bags!

Contact This Parish

If your family or business is interested in sponsoring our event, please contact us.

Monica Ludwig: 301-924-2284


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