Parish Leader Resources

Volunteer Information and Communications

This is the link to Mail Chimp where you will be able to download your volunteer information from the Sign Up form as well as send simple communications to your volunteers.

The login in name is GGCFDDRIVES
The passoword is CANSrG00D! (the “oo” are zeros)

If you need to answer any security questions (which might happen because many different people are logging in) the answer is always Greg Gannon.

To download  volunteer infomration go to LISTS tab at top and click on your parish list. Select list and on far right click for EXPORTS.

To create an email, once you log in, click on campaigns at the top. It should be easy to follow to send a message. Just select create campaigns, select email, name it, choose your list, change from to you, choose your template, edit and send.