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It is that time again. We need your help and are so excited to have another year to help those in need during this Holiday Season. Last year, through the leadership of our Father’s Club Group and the help of so many willing parents, faculty, and staff, we collected over 20,000 cans of food that went to St. Thomas More and St. Francis Xavier Churches in Southeast DC, and Holy Name Church in Northeast DC. We look forward to another successful campaign this year!

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How It works

Territory Boundaries

Territories have been created by dividing neighborhoods around a parish into about 175 houses. As a Territory Team Member, you will be responsible for the food collection in that area. Please be sure to refer to your territory map to be sure of the streets and "sides" of the streets in your territory. Please stay on the inside of your boundary and only visit houses on your side of the outside street.

Territory Supplies

You will be given all of the supplies you need to collect food in your territory: bags, flyers, thank you door hangers and a map. Instructions to successfully collect in your territory will be provided and can be found below in Helpful Hints and Resources.

Territory Bag Distribution

Between Sunday and Thursday before the collection date, please distribute your bags and flyers. This gives your neighbors enough time to shop or select items from their cupboards for your Saturday collection day.

Territory Bag Collection

On drive day, go back to the same houses and collect filled bags left outside. Please do not collect before the time on your flyer. Hopefully, the bags are prominently set out, but please drive slowly to be sure you don't miss any and don't hesitate to knock on doors to remind neighbors to support those in need. After you have gone through your territory once, please go through again to pick up bags which may have been left out late.

Collection Site and Sweeping

Many volunteers are needed on Drive Day to help at the collection site. We need help directing the food as it arrives in territory leaders' vehicles and as it goes out in recipient organization vehicles. Then of course we need many hands to move the donations quickly and efficiently. No matter how careful territory volunteers are when collecting their items, some bags are missed. Our donors often call to have their bag picked up and we need help organizing these calls and picking up the bags. EVERY CAN COUNTS!


Monday November 20 8am

Families pick up Supplies


Pick up your supplies (including bags and flyers):

Lower School at morning drop off on Monday, November 20, 2023

Sunday November 26 All Day

Distribute Bags in Territories

Distribute the bags with stapled flyer the week before the drive. We suggest as early as Sunday, November 26th but definitely by Thursday, November 30th to all houses in your territory. We want neighbors to have time to purchase food or select items from cupboards to participate. Please follow your territory map and do not cross your inside boundary street.  

Saturday December 2 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Drive Day! Food Collection!

Bring your collection to Visitation upper parking lot. Collect all of your filled bags in your territories and bring them to us! Be sure to drive through your territory SLOWLY an extra time to make sure you don't miss a bag. Some people forget and don't put their bag out until later. EVERY CAN COUNTS! Count your cans as you pick up each bag. We will ask for your total when you arrive at Visitation.

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If your family or business is interested in sponsoring our event, please contact Chris

Chris Clements: 757-784-2972 or :


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